The Great Lakes Rangers are a Great Lakes area based scenario paintball team. Members hail from five states including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. 

The GLRs formed under the A5 Owners Group Special Forces Team. Each member was nominated by an existing Special Forces member and then voted on by the whole of the team. 

We attend many large scenario games in the Great Lakes area with some ventures to the southern, east coast, and west coast states. 

We come to play hard, play fair, and to have fun. 

We look forward to seeing you on the field, whichever side you are on. 

How do I join the GLR? 

Joining the GLR is a simple process. First you have to play a couple of games with us. This is a bit of a sizing up the GLR members do to see if you're GLR material. We will observe far more than how good you are on the field, we will look more closely at how you play, interact with other team mates and players and whether or not you will play by our Creed. Once you have played a couple of games the team will vote on your admission, it's a full team vote with a majority rule. If accepted you will spend your first year on probation and after that you can be made a full member of the team. 

Who runs the GLR? 

The GLR is run by 4 Captains who are elected on an annual basis. Voting for Captains takes place 1 week after the Tippmann World Challenge event held each year at Hell Survivors. The job of the Captains is to do the everyday decision making for the team as well as act as coordination and contact persons when dealing with fields and sponsors. Anyone who is a full member can run for Captain and there is no limit on how many years you can serve as a Captain, you just have to be elected every year. 

Are their any dues I have to pay? 

No, we do not collect dues from our members. Any money we may need for things is done on a member donation basis or through the sale of GLR patches, shirts and the like.
1. We will set an example for sportsmanship, honesty, and integrity in the scenario paintball community. We will not tolerate wiping, cheating, and bad attitudes. We will strive to provide a positive image for our team, our marker, our sponsors, and our sport.

2. We will not hesitate to welcome new players to the sport, help them, teach them, and lead them by example.

3. We will always move as a team, covering our teammates and moving toward the common goal. We will never leave our teammates behind unless we are eliminated.

4. We will defend our ground and advance on the opposition with total determination until relieved or eliminated. When advancing, we always move forward, toward our objective, never settling for a stalemate.

5. We enter into no longball stalemates. Longballing is for Newbies. We won't shoot at opponents we can't see or hit and we won't waste paint when we could be moving and improving our firing position.

6. We will provide leadership where it is necessary. We will organize the unorganized, involving those players outside the team, not only to boost our ranks, but to also help other players enjoy the game even more to further the overall cause.

7. We will follow the orders of any and all established authority of the team on which we play at any scenario game. We are a team, but we contribute to the overall team mission.

8. We understand the importance of our own, and our unit's actions in the scheme of the larger plan, and help those around us to do the same.

9. We will learn from our teammates and others in the sport and will share what we have learned with everyone on the Team and anyone who wants to learn.

10. Regardless of the outcome or the score, we will enjoy the adventure. Winning is secondary to enjoying the event and having a good time. 


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